Covenant 101

“Covenant 101″ is a page set aside for the curious and concerned home owners out there, who want to be diligent and proactive about home maintenance.

Recently, we have heard a lot of discussion about the cost of energy. Electrical bills have gone through the roof. We want to help you lower your electrical bills.

The following link may be a helpful resource –

Also, I would like to share some insight from over 14 years of experience on how to lower your energy bills, something more than just put a programmable thermostat on. Here are some “do’s and do not’s”:

1. Don’t ignore your feelings about a possible problem with your heating and cooling system.

I can’t tell you how many times our customers have known that there was a problem for some time, but ignored the problem. I think we do this with most areas of our lives, but I listen when a customer tells me that the system sounds different or that it runs more or that it doesn’t perform as well as it once did. You know your heating and cooling system because you live with it every day. Being proactive can save you money on the cost of operation because a system can still perform but use more energy as components fail.

2. Do keep your filter changed. A clogged air filter WILL increase your cost of heating and cooling your home.

A helpful reminder is to check or change your filter every time you receive your electrical bill, because if you don’t the bill will be higher.

3. Don’t constantly adjust your thermostat.

It is better to leave your thermostat at one constant temperature than to move the thermostat up and down every hour or so. Programmable thermostats are very helpful if they are installed and set up properly. The key to adjusting your thermostat is to at least leave the temperature at one setting for four hours. Too much adjustment can have the system battling itself.

4. Do keep up proper preventative maintenance.

A proper preventative maintenance is one where a qualified technician is not sent to sell, but rather to maintain the product. There are countless reasons for proper preventative maintenance. We are committed to providing an effective maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system.

5. Don’t delay on replacing your heating and cooling system, if it is time to replace.

I understand, we want to run every thing until “the wheels fall off”, but unless it is unfeasible to replace your system, then it really doesn’t pay to wait. You could be saving a tremendous amount of money by making the decision now.

If you have any questions about your heating and cooling system, click here to contact us or give us a call any time at 615-829-9699 TN or 270-881-2212 KY.

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