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HVAC and Electrical in Brentwood, TNĀ 


With the number of electrical and HVAC systems we rely on every day in our Brentwood, TN properties, it likely comes as no surprise to you that a quality system is essential to running a modern home or business. In order to properly maintain your system, however, you need the assistance of a trained Technician.

Our certified Technicians will ensure that everything is up to code for any electrical repair or service needs you may have, including quality HVAC services. For professionalism and customer dedication, look no further than Covenant Heating and Cooling: Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You!

Professional Electricians

Today’s Brentwood, TN homes demand a lot of their electrical systems. We’re constantly adding new devices, appliances, and electrical appliances to our households, but don’t necessarily have the correct breakers or wiring to support all these systems. Ask us today whether or not you should look into an electrical panel upgrade. And when you need any other electrical services, you can turn to our team!

Air Conditioning

If you’ve lived here for even just a year, we don’t need to explain to you the kind of heat and humidity we experience. As such, an efficient air conditioner is vital for your home, and you need an experienced air conditioning professional to perform the installation as well as any other air conditioning services you need.

We’ll also be there if something goes awry with your existing air conditioning system. Common signs of a system in disrepair include banging noises, screeching, or the appearance of ice or water in or around the unit.

Heating Services

In order to be able to effectively rely on your furnace, heat pump, ductless system, or even your gas logs throughout their intended lifespan, it’s important that you have your heating system professionally serviced and repaired.

Covenant Heating and Cooling is here for all of your heating needs, should you want a new system installed, need a major heating repair, or would like to know what your heating system upgrade options are. Contact us today to learn more about our system and service options.

Indoor Air Quality

In addition to offering the sale and installation of a number of air filtration and purification devices, Covenant Heating and Cooling also provides comprehensive ductwork services such as air duct cleaning, duct repair and replacement, and duct sealing. These all help improve your indoor air quality by preventing contaminated air from escaping into your home.

Water Heater Services (Traditional Tank & Tankless)

Depending on your water heater, you can expect it to last around ten or twenty years. When it comes time for a new one, you can depend on Covenant Heating and Cooling for water heater replacement and installation services. Not sure if your water heater needs replacement? Both tank and tankless water heaters will lose their effectiveness and develop more water heater repair issues as they age. We can help prevent early replacement with maintenance and prompt repairs.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Similarly to a conventional heat pump system, geothermal systems avoid the consumption of fuel that more traditional home comfort systems rely on, and instead use a heat transfer process. What makes geothermal heating and cooling different is that this type of system involves an underground loop buried beneath your property-or sometimes submerged underwater-to harness the steady temperature of the earth.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, systems are similar to multi-split HVAC systems, except that instead of turning off or on in response to one master controller, they continually adjust the flow of refrigerant to each indoor evaporator. This is achieved through a component called the pulse modulating valve (PMV), whose opening is determined by the microprocessor receiving information from the thermistor sensors in each indoor unit.

Commercial HVAC and Electrical 

It’s important to bear in mind just how important it is that your commercial HVAC and electrical systems work the way they should, when they should. If your commercial space is sweltering hot on a summer day due to an electrical failure or a HVAC malfunction, you could suffer a significant business interruption and loss of profit. Be sure to get in touch with us who have Technicians with extensive experience in the commercial space.

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