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Hendersonville, TN Central Air Conditioner Services

The central AC system is a leading choice for homeowners throughout Hendersonville, TN, and for good reason. Sure, you can try to rely on window units or ceiling fans to cool your home, but in a climate such as ours you need a centralized cooling system to truly achieve comfort.

Central air units offer a reliable flow of cool air into your entire home without causing the inefficient air loss that can come with a window unit. Of course, they can only work as effectively as they’re meant to with the right professional Technician on the job. Get in touch with us, the professional Technicians, here at Covenant Heating and Cooling for dependable central AC services. We are dedicated to the promise of serving you.

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How Do Central AC Systems Work?

Also referred to as a split air conditioner, this conventional AC model has two main components—an inside evaporator unit and an outside condenser unit. The condenser unit contains your air conditioner’s compressor, fan, and condenser coil. Many homeowners believe that an air conditioner generates cold air, but this isn’t actually how it works.

The evaporator unit houses the evaporator coil and the air handler that sends cooled air into the ventilation system. When your central split air conditioner runs, in goes through a process called heat transfer—the compressor circulates refrigerant between two sets of coils, and the indoor coil absorbs heat from your home while the outdoor unit exhausts it.

Professional Central AC Installation and Replacement

Are you moving into a new home? Are you having a home constructed? Is it time to replace the old existing air conditioning system in your existing home? Whichever the question may be, the answer for the installation or replacement of your air conditioner is a huge deal. This job must be done accurately the first time in order to provide the most benefit to your Hendersonville, TN home. You can rely on our professional Technicians to manage this job the way it should be done.

We will ensure that your new central AC system fits the cooling needs of your home, your budget, and your energy savings needs. Then, when your  air conditioner ages to the point that replacement is imminent, we’re available for full system replacements. Contact us today to learn more.

Central AC Maintenance in Hendersonville, TN

In addition to professional installation and replacement services, the team at Covenant Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive central AC preventive maintenance. Signing up for our Covenant Care Plan ensures that your unit lasts as long as possible, functions without wasting valuable energy, encounters as few repair needs as possible, and gives you the return on investment that you deserve.

Not all central air unit repair needs are avoidable, but our team is standing by 24/7 for any emergency HVAC needs you may have, and keeping up on your annual maintenance appointments will reduce the risk of larger emergency repairs down the line. Contact us today and learn how we’ve earned a reputation for great customer service.

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