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Heating Conversions in Hendersonville, TN

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The average heating system lasts between 15 and 20 years. What will you do when it’s time to replace yours? If you’re anything less than completely satisfied with your current heating system, then you should consider a heating system conversion. Switching from, for example, an all-electric system and to a natural gas system is not something that can be performed by just anyone. An expert from our team can safely convert your current heating system.

  • We are NATE-certified.
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We are a fully licensed and certified team and heating system conversions is just one of our specialties. You shouldn’t have to stay with a heating system you don’t like just because it’s simpler.

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Your Options for Home Heating

If there was one heating system better than all the rest, there wouldn’t be a need for all of these options! If you suspect that your current heating system is less-than-ideal for your home, you might benefit by converting to one of these options:

Furnace: There’s no heating system quite as reliable as your standard furnace! Natural gas furnaces are far less expensive to operate than an electric heating system, but converting your system to natural gas is a process that only a qualified expert can be trusted to handle. You can also opt for an electric furnace, which will provide equal heating power with a cleaner fuel source.

Heat Pumps: There are plenty of reasons to switch to these high-efficiency systems. They have both heating and cooling capabilities, allowing you to consolidate your HVAC system into one! Of course, that will require making changes to both your current heating and cooling system, so you’ll need the help of an HVAC conversion expert.

Ductless Heat Pumps: All of the benefits of a heat pump minus the duct system. Since most homes’ HVAC systems are built to work with ducts, converting to ductless is as much a technical undertaking as it is about interior design. You’ll need the help of a contractor to install this system properly and without disrupting your home’s aesthetic design.

Dual Fuel: If you’re thinking of converting from a natural gas furnace to a heat pump but are having second thoughts, then the dual fuel system might be for you. Dual fuel heaters take the best qualities of both systems to make a heater that maximizes comfort and efficiency.

Gas Log: Do you desire the cozy atmosphere that a fireplace can bring, but can’t get onboard with the idea of storing wooden logs, cleaning the hearth, and dealing with soot and smoke? Vent-free gas logs give you the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for in a system with no shortage of heating power.

HVAC Conversion Experts in Hendersonville, TN

There’s no need to worry about your heating system conversion when you work with Covenant Heating and Cooling. We’ll be with you for every step of the process. That also includes making our own suggestions in order to ensure that you’re getting the best return on comfort and investment. After all, you wouldn’t want to convert to a system that’s actually going to be less comfortable or more expensive for you. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and we’ll do a thorough assessment to determine your needs.

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