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Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing in Hendersonville, TN

In order for your HVAC systems to work as effectively as they should without wasting any energy, it’s vital that your Hendersonville, TN home’s ductwork be airtight. If it’s suffering from damage such as holes or gaps, or has any loose joints, then your heating and cooling systems won’t be able to efficiently do their jobs, costing you in the long run and decreasing your home comfort.

To improve your indoor air quality and to help your air conditioner and heating systems function as they should, we recommend investing in professional duct sealing services. We provide both of these services at Covenant Heating and Cooling, in addition to duct repair and replacement as needed, and duct cleaning services.

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Serving the Greater Nashville area, Nashville North, and South Central Kentucky

Why To Look Into Duct Sealing

This is not a service that can be downgraded to a simply DIY task, nor should it be trusted to the average handyman as it requires training. There are, however, indications you can look out for that it’s time to seal your ducts.

  • High Energy Bills: When you have leaky ducts, air loss can account for a significant amount of energy loss. Essentially, you’re paying for conditioned air that is likely escaping into unoccupied spaces such as your attic or crawlspace.
  • Musty Smells: Damaged ductwork can draw in air from areas such as your attic and between the walls. Given where this air comes from, you may notice a musty smell making its way into your Hendersonville, TN home.
  • Restricted Air Flow: Check the flow of air coming from your room vents. If it seems sluggish, it could likely be due to a decline in your ductwork integrity.

When Do You Need Professional Duct Sealing?

Our professional Technicians will seal off the air ducts and alter the pressure inside of them to measure how quickly the pressure drops. This helps us determine how much leakage there is.

You may be thinking, "okay, but can’t I just patch it up with duct tape?" Unfortunately, duct tape is not appropriately named, and will not provide a permanent solution to air loss through damaged ductwork. Instead, you need professional services from Technicians who have access to professional grade mastic sealant—a service that we proudly provide.

Invest in Professional Care for Your Ductwork

The job of closing up gaps and holes in your air ducts is something that should always be left to the professionals. Should we discover that the damage is more extensive when inspecting the ducts, then we may even recommend duct repair or replacement.

Our staff has special techniques and tools to detect where your ductwork vulnerabilities are, then close them up with tools such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes. To learn more about the importance of restoring your ducts in order to get your ventilation system back into great condition, and to schedule an appointment with our staff, simply contact Covenant Heating and Cooling today.

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