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Dual Fuel HVAC Systems in Hendersonville, TN

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You do not have to sacrifice your comfort to save money. A dual fuel system, also referred to as a hybrid heat dual fuel system, uses two different fuel sources to function, and reacts to the changing conditions of your home to offer the most energy-efficient operation possible. If you need a team to help keep your dual fuel system running you can turn to us.

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  • We employ NATE and EPA-certified technicians.
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Dual fuel systems utilize both furnaces and heat pumps to keep your home warm. Make sure that you always come to an expert team like Covenant Heating and Cooling for any services but the system needs to ensure your safety and comfort.

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How Do Dual Fuel Heat Pumps Work?

Essentially, a hybrid heat pump system combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the power of a natural (or propane) gas furnace. Heat pumps are two–in–one systems in that they provide effective cooling in the summer by transferring the heat from inside your Hendersonville, TN home and expelling it outdoors, and then reverse the process in the winter to provide you with heat.

However, a heat pump can begin to lose its efficiency when outdoor temperatures drop too low. A hybrid heater, though, automatically selects when to switch on the back–up gas furnace to assist your heat pump when it begins to lose efficiency.

Only Trust in Professional Services

If you are looking to have a hybrid heat dual fuel system installed in your home, then it’s best to call in the experts. The staff at Covenant Heating and Cooling is highly trained and experienced with providing accurate installations and quality hybrid heat pump services.

And if your hybrid heat system needs repairs or if you want to schedule maintenance, you needn’t look any further than our team. We are "Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You," and look forward to showing you just how much we live by that motto.

Choosing Your Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Just like any other cooling or heating system, dual fuel heat pumps come in a range of models, sizes, and costs. If you prefer, you could go with a variable speed model that helps you to save even more energy. Or if you are looking to for something that fits your budget a little better, you may choose the single–speed option.

In order to make the best choice for your new hybrid cooling and heating system, simply consult with the best, the professionals here at Covenant Heating and Cooling. We’ll design the right heat pump and furnace combination that meets your home and your family’s specific needs, while keeping your budget in mind.

Caring for Your Dual Fuel Heat Pump

It’s not enough to simply rely on the professional installation of your hybrid system—though that is a good start. You want to ensure that your hybrid heat pump is well cared for so that it will operate as efficiently and effectively as it should for the years to come.

This means investing in our Covenant Care maintenance plan, and ensuring that your system is checked on a regular basis. While a traditional heating or cooling system needs this service once a year, a heat pump should be professionally maintained biannually, since it is used twice as much. Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

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