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Commercial Geothermal in Hendersonville, TN

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Geothermal heating and cooling is one of the most efficient HVAC options available today for not only residents throughout Hendersonville, TN, but also businesses and commercial properties. Geothermal systems provide complete comfort for building occupants, employees, customers, and visitors while saving you money in comparison to using conventional commercial HVAC systems. Covenant Heating and Cooling can provide the expert care this wonderful system requires.

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We urge you to get in touch with our team today to learn more about these systems and how advantageous one could be for your commercial property.

Contact us today. We are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You,” and that includes ensuring that you are equipped with the right HVAC system for your business or property.


What Makes a Geothermal System Different?

Our staff is very familiar with the unique comfort needs of businesses throughout the Hendersonville, TN area and beyond. So we want to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a commercial HVAC system.

The traditional heating and cooling choice for businesses is the rooftop unit, which uses two sets of coils to remove or release heat from the air and send it through the building’s ductwork. This is a viable solution to your property’s heating and cooling needs, but not your only option. Geothermal systems are different in that they use the ground for their heat exchange process.

An indoor heat pump either absorbs or releases heat from the air inside the building, and has underground loops to carry out the second half of the process, removing or depositing heat into the earth. Since the temperature 10 feet below the frost line remains stable no matter what the temperature is above ground, a geothermal system is more reliable than a traditional rooftop package unit.

Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Right for Your Commercial Property?

The main reason many business and commercial property owners throughout Hendersonville, TN choose geothermal heating and cooling for their company is due to how positively it affects their bottom line. These systems are much more energy efficient than conventional commercial HVAC systems—usually by 3 to 6 times more so.

The reason for this is because geothermal systems draw and deposit heat from a steady source, meaning that the system consumes less power than one that relies on the outside air. You can expect a significant decrease in energy costs for your Hendersonville, TN commercial property when you go geothermal. This type of system could even pay for itself in just a few short years. Additionally, going geothermal helps you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and your system, as long as it is well cared for, will last far longer than a conventional commercial HVAC unit.

Reach Out to Our Team for Reliable Geothermal Services

Our highly trained and experienced staff of professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the best in renewable energy technology, which is what you get when you invest in a geothermal system. We strongly believe in the multiple benefits of using a geothermal system to heat and cool your commercial building.

And you can rely on us to find the best geothermal solution for your property. We don’t just stop at installation either—if you need repairs or want to schedule routine maintenance, we are the team for that as well. In fact, when you become a member of our Covenant Care Plan, you’ll have access to discounts and priority service for your commercial property. Give us a call today to learn more!

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