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Serving the Greater Nashville Area

Whole–House Generators

Whole–House Generators in Hendersonville, TN

When the power goes out in your Hendersonville, TN home, do you find yourself ruffling through the drawers for flashlights and candles, hoping your flashlight batteries aren’t dead and that the food in your fridge won’t spoil before the power comes back on? This is a legitimate concern—unless you have the peace of mind offered by a whole-house generator, that is.

At Covenant Heating and Cooling, we install and service whole-house generators—you can count on us for comprehensive generator services from replacement to repairs and maintenance. Contact us today and see just how we live by our motto of “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You.”

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Serving the Greater Nashville area, Nashville North, and South Central Kentucky

Should You Have a Whole–House Generator Installed?

One of the most common reasons power outages occur is due to inclement weather—and much of our inclement weather occurs in the winter, when we need a reliable heating system. So if the power goes out for days, you could be stuck without heat. This impacts not only your comfort but also potentially your health and the health of your family.

Additionally, as an added bonus to the peace of mind that a whole–house generator gives you, it’s far more beneficial than having a portable generator on its own. Portable systems are great for smaller needs—such as running your cooking equipment while on a camping trip. A whole–house generator, however, ensures that you can still operate important appliances and medical devices if needed.

Turn to Us for Comprehensive Generator Maintenance

Just like any other home comfort device or appliance, your whole–house generator comprises many components. So, ignoring your generator for a few years could be detrimental to the performance of that system once you need it. To make sure that your whole–house generator is ready for business when you need it, routine maintenance is advised.

During your professional maintenance appointment, our electrical Technicians will check fluids, recommend repairs or replacement for worn down parts, and will run the generator in order to check for potential system issues. Even if you don’t end up needing your generator for a couple of years, it’s still important to have the system checked, as lack of use can cause the system to accumulate dust buildup and other potential issues that may impact its functionality.

Does Your Whole–House Generator Need Repair?

It’s important to tackle generator repairs as soon as you discover the need for them. This way, you’ll always be prepared to deal with an emergency power outage. If your whole–house generator needs repair, our professionals are ready and able to provide prompt service, and get your system up and running so that it’s ready whenever it’s needed.

Should you hear a strange noise when the system is running or you have problems getting enough power during an outage, contact us for immediate repair services. And remember, if you have your system professionally installed by the highly trained and experienced Covenant team, and maintained on a routine basis by us, you’re less likely to run into the largest of repair needs. Contact us today!

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