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Automatic Standby Generators

Automatic Standby Generators in Hendersonville, TN

There are a variety of generators to choose from when you’re looking to have this type of system installed in your Hendersonville, TN home. One of the most effective is the automatic standby generator. This system can power the electrical needs of your entire home, and activates as soon as required, without you needing to battle inclement weather to go switch it on.

Automatic standby generators, just like any other home comfort device, are understandably complex. This means that their installation and service requires the touch of a professional Technician, trained to handle this kind of work. That’s where Covenant Heating and Cooling comes in! We are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You,” which includes keeping you and your family safe through a major power outage.

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Serving the Greater Nashville area, Nashville North, and South Central Kentucky

How Do These Generators Work?

A standard backup generator, while still very effective at supplying your home with electrical power in the case of an outage, will not detect when a loss of power has occurred on its own. Instead, when the power goes out, you’re required to manually activate the generator to start it working.

An automatic standby generator, however, removes this inconvenience. It functions much like a standard generator in that it is wired directly into your Hendersonville, TN home’s electrical system. However, what makes it different is that it will sense when power from the grid quits, and turns itself on immediately to begin supplying your space with electrical power.

It’s important to remember that automatic standby generators can only work as effectively as they’re meant to if they are properly installed and serviced. When you hire our team for a professional installation, you can rely on the right amount of power for your needs, whether you only require a few lights and your heating system, or if you want comprehensive backup for your whole house.

What Makes an Automatic Standby Generator Different?

If you’ve ever encountered a loss of power in your home, for even just a couple of hours, you likely know that outside conditions can make the situation unbearable. It’s an inconvenience—not to mention a hazard—to go outside into inclement weather to reach a generator in order to turn it on. An automatic standby generator, though, helps you avoid this because it will activate itself without your involvement.

Automatic standby generators are also useful for the times when the power goes out and you aren’t home. You won’t need to worry about returning to your Hendersonville, TN home only to discover that all the food in your fridge has gone bad. Plus, if any of your household occupants rely on powered medical equipment, you can rest assured that they’ll be taken care of without your intervention, in the case of a power outage.

Turn to Us for Automatic Standby Generator Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Consider the installation of an automatic standby generator as a sort of insurance policy. It’s protection against a long–term loss of electrical power. The certified and trained electrical Technicians on our staff provide the installation of leading brands of generators, and understand the considerations that must be made to ensure the installation is done correctly.

Automatic standby generators must also be routinely maintained so that they’re always ready to do their jobs when needed. And although rare, they may also need repairs here or there. You can rely on us to deliver these services—reach out to our team today to learn more.

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