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Ceiling Fans in Hendersonville, TN

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Ceiling fans can be added to your home for aesthetic appeal and to help save energy—but they can only do so if they are accurately and professionally installed and serviced by experienced electrical technicians. When you call Covenant Heating and Cooling, you can ensure that this is the case.

  • We have trained and certified technicians.
  • Our team has served Hendersonville since 2010.
  • We always provide quality customer care.

When it comes to ceiling fan installation, an inexperienced or general handyman may not necessarily know all the steps to take to ensure safety. You’ll never have to worry about trouble like that with us.

For an effective ceiling fan installation or repair, contact us, the team “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You.”


How Ceiling Fans Help Save Energy

There are a number of benefits to having ceiling fans installed throughout your Hendersonville, TN home. The biggest advantage is that you’ll save energy and increase your comfort and the comfort of your family during the summer. True, ceiling fans cannot actually decrease the temperature of your home, however they can create a cool breeze that enhances the cooling effect from your air conditioner.

What this means for you is that you do not have to set your cooling system’s thermostat as low, so the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, and performs more efficiently as a result. This helps you save money in the long run, since an inefficient HVAC system is one of the biggest causes of increased utility bills.

The Numerous Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan installations don’t just save energy in the summer—they offer a host of other advantages as well. For instance, in the wintertime you can run the fan in reverse, to push warm air down. This means just as the ceiling fan can help your AC work more efficiently, it can do the same for your home’s heating system.

Ceiling fans are also very versatile—they help make any living space more comfortable and enjoyable, and add a layer of visual appeal to the space. Today’s ceiling fans have become even more attractive than those of the past, adding to the décor of your Hendersonville, TN home. 

Trust Our Team for Comprehensive Ceiling Fan Services

Just like any other home comfort appliance or device, your ceiling fan can become damaged, or it can start operating inefficiently and showing symptoms of wear and tear such as unfamiliar sounds. When you find yourself in need of ceiling fan repair, you don’t want to trust just anyone.

Ceiling fan services require the assistance of a professional electrical Technician to make sure there isn’t an issue with frayed or broken wiring, or there’s not an internal problem that could require a ceiling fan replacement. We work hard to ensure your safety and the protection of your Hendersonville, TN home, all while ensuring that everything is done to code with impeccable attention to detail. Call us today to schedule your ceiling fan services!

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