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Solar Attic Fans in Hendersonville, TN

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Other than storing boxes, you probably don’t visit the attic of your Hendersonville, TN home very often. If you’ve ever been in your attic on a hot summer day, you likely found that it is one of the least comfortable locations in your home! To help relieve high temperatures in the attic, we can install a solar attic fan to vent out heat and moisture.

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These fans use the free energy of the sun to run and can help keep your home cool. When we install and service these fans, they can help improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

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Explore the Benefits of Solar Attic Vent Fans

Even without being solar powered, attic vent fans in general have a whole host of benefits for your Hendersonville, TN home. The purpose of these fans is to vent out heated air inside a space. During the summer, the sun beating down on a roof radiates heat into your attic, which can raise the subsequent temperature to as much as 130 degrees Fahrenheit on a warm, sunny day!

This heat seeps into the living spaces of your home, often raising the temperature by 10 degrees. This can mean the difference in whether you have your AC system on or off, and how hard it has to work to do its job. Sure, attic insulation helps a lot, but when coupled with attic fans you’ll find even greater comfort. Plus if your attic exhaust fan is powered by the sun and not costing you anything to run, that’s even more advantageous.

Should You Invest in Professional Attic Fan Installation?

If you’re interested in having solar attic fans installed in your Hendersonville, TN home, then it’s essential that you contact an experienced Technician, like the a member of the Covenant team, to do the job. Solar attic fan installation isn’t necessarily difficult, however it requires special skills and training to ensure that the panels are in the right position, are correctly connected to the fans, and that the ventilation system works as it should.

Without professional installation, you run the risk of your solar attic fans becoming loose due to the vibrations of daily operation. We don’t recommend hiring an inexperienced Technician for this type of work as they likely lack the right experience in working with solar power and sizing for the correct CFM and the quantity of solar ventilation systems requred for your specific attic space. You could find yourself paying more for inefficient solar attic fans that break down.

We Provide Comprehensive Services for Solar Attic Vent Fans

When it comes to investing in repair or maintenance services for your solar attic fans, you can count on the dedication of Covenant Heating and Cooling to staying current with this type of technology and ensuring the safe and accurate installation of your solar attic vent fans. In fact, our motto is even "Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You."

In addition to prompt and effective installations, we replace solar attic fans,  and repair them if they need it. We also provide regular maintenance through our Covenant Care Plan for your heating and cooling systems. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you—contact us today!

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