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Serving the Greater Nashville Area

Why HVAC Career

Why should you consider a career in HVAC?

There are many benefits and reasons for choosing a career in the trades. Perhaps, at the top of the list is the opportunity to provide your community with comfort and safety. At Covenant Heating and Cooling we beleive in servant leadership, it has become our motto "Dedicate to the Promise of Serving You." With a career in HVAC, you will have the ability to serve many families each and every day, by providing them with home comfort. 

Additionally, here are some other great reasons to choose a career in HVAC at Covenant Heating and Cooling:

  • Learn by doing - While some career paths require an undergraduate degree, and then on-the-job training, you might not begin working for years - however, a career in HVAC at Covenant, like most trades, offers training while working. 
  • Mechanical Nature - Another major appeal to working in HVAC is the mechanical nature of the work. An HVAC technician is generally mechanically inclined, and enjoys working with technology and equipment. 
  • Solving Problems - In addition to enjoying the mechanical focus, a technician must also enjoy troubleshooting problems and helping to find solutions. Whether you are primarily working in service, or if your focus is installation - one thing is certain, there will always be problems to solve. If you enjoy working through challenges and solving problems - you have the right frame of mind to work in HVAC. 

Lastly, and vital to the culture at Covenant Heating and Cooling, is the sense of pride that comes with knowing that you directly brought comfort and safety to someone else through the work that you performed. 

If you’re interested in a career in HVAC and want to learn more about Covenant and our company, follow the link below to get started!

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Serving the Greater Nashville area, Nashville North, and South Central Kentucky

Career growth and security, perhaps one of the most important "perks" of a career in HVAC is the endless opportunities for growth. A technician can start out as an installation helper, move up to a leadership position, and from there move into a sales or ownership role. But the opportunities do not stop there, the heating and air conditioning landscape is vast, and offers the chance to branch out, or hyper-focus on a specialty. One thing is also certain, the need for HVAC technicians is not likely to drop anytime in the near future. 

If you’re interested in a career in HVAC and want to learn more about Covenant and our company, follow the link below to get started!
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