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5 Signs You Need Heating Repair


A home’s heating system performs a thankless job. Day in and day out, it tirelessly labors to keep your home warm and cozy. As homeowners, you depend on your heater to work when you need it to. 

Another nice thing that heaters do for homeowners is that they let you know when they’re struggling to do their jobs. They’ll make some strange noises, emit some unusual smells, and engage in some strange behaviors such as short cycling. Let’s review these 4 signs you need heating repair in Nashville, TN so you’ll know when to call for service and get your heater back to quietly and effortlessly performing its job. 

1. Heater Won’t Turn On

It should go without saying that a heater that doesn’t turn on needs to be repaired. But with our mild Nashville winters, you might be tempted to ignore this problem. If it’s near the end of heating season or if you’re okay with bundling in extra layers, you might think it’s better to ignore the problem until next season.

Perhaps the system turns on and seems to be working, but the air that leaves the vents isn’t warm and the temperature in your home doesn’t change. A heater that won’t turn on or that isn’t heating is a situation that warrants a speedy call for repairs. You should be able to count on your heater to warm your home when you need it to. 

2. Your Heater Keeps Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your heater doesn’t complete a heating cycle. It turns on and attempts to heat your home to the desired temperature, but after a few minutes, it shuts down. Then it keeps repeating the vicious cycle. 

Short cycling is a situation that shouldn’t be ignored and should be looked at sooner rather than later. Short cycling can happen because the furnace is overheating. Allowing your heater to keep short cycling puts enormous stress on the system and should be addressed ASAP to avoid a complete breakdown.

3. Your Heater Is Noisy

When your usually quiet heater starts making a racket, it’s hard to ignore! One of the signs that a heater needs repairs is when it’s making a commotion. These unusual noises can run the gamut from banging, booming, screeching, scraping, hissing, rattling, grating, and clicking. Just as the noises can vary greatly, so can the causes behind the noises. Give us a call when your heater is literally calling out for help and we can easily diagnose and fix the problem. 

4. Your Heater Releases Foul Odors

Unusual smells coming from your heater are another issue that’s hard to ignore. Especially when the smell is similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. This could indicate that you have a gas leak that needs to be addressed immediately. Other smells to keep a “nose” on include the smell of burning dirt, wires, or electrical parts. 

You deserve a heater that works when you need it to. Don’t ignore your heater’s cries for help.

For quality heating repairs in Nashville, TN, contact Covenant Heating and Cooling where we are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You.”

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