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How to Reduce Your AC Operational Costs

reduce-ac-operational-costsWe get a lot of questions about the costs of air conditioning. How much will an installation cost? (It depends) What about repairs? (It also depends!) Are there any ways I can reduce the costs of actually operating my air conditioner? (Yes!)

We love to take a positive approach on air conditioning services in Goodlettsville, TN–meaning that we’re more than happy to share with you ways in when you can improve your air conditioner’s energy performance all summer long, resulting in energy and monetary savings for your household. So here goes—5 ways you can reduce your AC operational costs.

1. Invest in Maintenance

Hopefully, you already had your annual maintenance tune-up (or biannual, if you’re utilizing a heat pump system). If you haven’t, however, it’s not too late. Maintenance lets our technicians take a good hard look at your system to check for any signs of disrepair and make any adjustments deemed necessary to help your AC run at peak efficiency. Improving your efficiency helps contribute to lower operating costs.

2. Raise the Thermostat

Sure, this may seem counterintuitive. In fact when you’re home in the middle of one of the hottest days of the year it’s likely that you want to lower your thermostat to the lowest setting possible. However, this could be a mistake not only for your air conditioner functionality—cooling systems struggle to cool a space lower than 20 degrees of which the temperature is outside—but also your wallet. Each degree you raise the thermostat during summer means saving energy, and therefore money.

3. Clean the Area around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor cabinet of your air conditioner is referred to as the condenser. In order for your AC to function at its full efficiency, this condenser must be able to expel heat to the outdoors. If the condenser is surrounded by dirt, leaves, branches, and other debris, it will make the AC work harder. Clean up this area so the condenser has a food of space clear on all sides.

4. Vacuum Vent Covers

You might not even realize it, but dust all over your vent covers can actually cost you in air conditioning efficiency. Take a walk through your home and locate all the room vent covers (many are on the ceiling or down on the floor). Ensure that they are unblocked, and then use a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove dust from them.

5. Keep Heat-Producing Appliances Away from Thermostat

Your thermostat can pick up incorrect temperature readings—referred to as “ghost readings”—from heat-producing appliances that are near it. This can mean an air conditioner running at the wrong time, which means wasted energy. Lamps are also a culprit of adding extra heat and messing up the readings on thermostats. Lastly, your thermostat should never be near a window or directly in front of a window where the sun can shine right on it.

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