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It’s Time to Address the Elephant in Your Ducts


Perhaps you only pay attention to the air that is currently in the rooms of your home. Do you ever think about where it comes from? Before it exits your vents, it’s been flowing through your ductwork. And whatever is lurking within that ductwork, the air brings a bit of it along for the ride. Now it’s floating around your home!

Is this something you should avoid thinking about or discussing? No! Don’t let it be an elephant in the room. If something unpleasant lurks in your ducts and contaminates your air, it’s time for duct cleaning. How can you tell if it’s necessary? Here are the signs.


Your nose can detect a lot of different problems. If there are unpleasant odors around your home, try bringing your nose closer to your vents. If the smell is stronger near one or more of the vents, the source of the stink is inside the ducts. What might you be smelling?

  • Rodents: Does it smell like a pet store or like a hamster cage in severe need of cleaning? Mice do love the dark, safe space of ducts, and they can leave a lot of droppings behind.
  • Bugs: While some insects won’t make much odor, others can give your ducts a whiff of garbage can.
  • Bacteria: If there’s moisture in your ducts, it’s a perfect habitat for bacteria. This can sometimes cause a sour, vinegary smell.
  • Mold: Moisture and darkness also create an ideal ecosystem for mold. If it’s growing in your ducts, it’s not just releasing a mildew odor. It’s also releasing spores, which will float out your vents and set up residence all over your home, growing new mold colonies! Clearly, it’s time for duct cleaning in Nashville, TN.


Does it seem like there’s a lot of dust blowing around your home? Does it accumulate on surfaces quickly, so you need to wipe them down or sweep or mop all the time? Do you have furry pets, so you know the ducts are probably full of fur and dander? How about mold? If you can smell it, it must be somewhere. If you peer into your vents, you might even be able to see it!

Health Concerns

The biggest reason for having your ducts cleaned is if you have concerns about your health. Perhaps you or a family member has asthma or another respiratory condition. Perhaps allergy symptoms have gotten out of hand, and you suspect that recirculated air is contributing. Or perhaps you or someone you love has unexplained symptoms and you’re trying to eliminate possible causes.

All manner of allergens, particles that settle out of smoke, and other things that can cause ill health will accumulate in ductwork. Even people who don’t have allergies are likely to react to certain molds, because the mycotoxins they can produce can be quite nasty. Your health is worth protecting! Clean ducts mean fresher air to breathe, and it could make a big difference to your wellbeing.

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