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Ceiling Fan Facts: Running a Fan All Day Doesn’t Impact Your Home Comfort

ceiling-fanWhat many homeowners don’t necessarily realize about ceiling fans is that they don’t actually cool the air in the room of which they are running. In the summer, people leave their ceiling fans on all day, only to find that the room they come home to isn’t any cooler (though, it may feel a bit cooler because the air movement is hitting their skin).

You might be wondering at this point 2 things: Is there a point to using ceiling fans then? And why are we talking about this in the winter time? Yes, there is a point, and hang on, we’ll get to that below!

Understanding How Ceiling Fans Operate

As we stated above, a ceiling fan doesn’t actually cool the air around it. Rather, it moves air around. Essentially, ceiling fans create a breeze. When used in combination with an air conditioner, they can help the room they’re in feel cooler, and also help with AC efficiency.

However, operating your ceiling fan all day, particularly, when nobody is home, could be more wasteful than helpful. Since it doesn’t actually cool or heat the air in the room, you are essentially running an electric device for no reason.

Another thing to think about, is when you run an electric device for that long, the motor is going to heat up—so you might actually be adding heat to the room depending on how small it is. Therefore, you’ll have the exact opposite effect you were hoping for, as you’ll be raising the temperature in the room.

The Point of a Ceiling Fan

The primary purpose of a ceiling fan is to contribute to greater air conditioning efficiency. While a fan won’t decrease the temperature in any given room, it will circulate the cool air coming out of your air conditioning system, thus allowing you to turn the temperature up by as much as 10 degrees, saving you a significant amount of money off of your electric bill as a result.

Additionally, ceiling fans provide versatility to your home. They can be put in just about any room—bedrooms, kitchens, screened in porches, and more. These appliances are functional and in most cases very aesthetically pleasing.

So, Why Are We Talking About This Now?

That’s right, we were going to discuss why we’re talking about ceiling fans in the wintertime—well, your ceiling fan can help you save on your heating costs! When you switch the fan into reverse, it pushes the hot air that has risen to the ceiling downward, creating a warmer breeze and eliminating your need to have your heater up so high. As a result, the system doesn’t need to work as hard, therefore decreasing your energy usage.

Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to enhance your home’s comfort, year-round. Additionally, it’s important to keep up on your HVAC maintenance for true energy efficiency. The good news is, you can reach out to us for not only your electrical needs, but to schedule HVAC maintenance, as well.

At Covenant Heating and Cooling, we are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You!” Contact us today for exceptional electrical services and more.

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