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Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Home’s Electrical Panel?

Your home’s electrical panel is what controls your entire electrical system. Also known as the circuit breaker panel, incoming electricity is routed to the different circuits through this hub. The breakers are designed to shut off circuits if there is a voltage overload.

Just like any aging system in your home, the electrical panel will need to be upgraded or replaced eventually. If you have an aging electrical panel or an even older fuse box, your home is probably overdue for an electrical panel upgrade. 

Most circuit breaker panels last between 25-40 years before they need replacing. How long it’ll last depends on how much the electrical demand of the home has increased, and if you’ve experienced any issues already. Read on to learn more about how to tell if you need an electrical panel upgrade!

Why Your Electrical Panel Is So Important

In the past, homes were outfitted with fuse boxes. Whenever there was a power surge or electrical problem, the affected fuse would burn out and need to be replaced. In the 1960s, fuse boxes started to be replaced with electrical panels. Not only do electrical panels save the hassle of having to replace burned-out fuses, but they also remove the fire risks associated with fuse boxes.

Your electrical panel is a safety device that’s designed to protect your home’s electrical systems and appliances from issues such as power surges or shorts that might otherwise cause damage. Instead of excess electricity flooding your home, the electrical panel is able to handle surges of energy by flipping a circuit.

Electrical panels and circuit breakers have been around for decades. In some cases, they aren’t equipped to handle the larger demand for electricity that modern homes and appliances demand.

How do you know it is time to call for an electrical panel upgrade in Nashville, TN? Here are some warning signs you’ll notice from your electrical system and appliances.

The panel is 20+ years old: The electricity demands from 10-20 years ago were vastly lower than they are today. A panel that was installed decades ago probably isn’t able to handle the electrical demands your home has now. Modern appliances and technological devices place huge demands on your electrical panel.

Frequent circuit breaker trips: When there is a power surge in your home, your circuit breakers will trip. This shouldn’t happen often as it indicates the circuits can’t accommodate your electricity needs. If it’s happening frequently, it’s like that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.

Your lights are flickering: Have you noticed that the lights around the house flicker or dim when you plug other appliances in? This is a sign that your electrical panel is struggling and that the circuits are getting overloaded. An electrical panel replacement will take care of this issue.

If you’re concerned at all about the functionality or safety of your electrical panel, simply reach out to us today!

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