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Caring for Your Heater This Late in the Season

technician-working-on-heaterTemperatures are growing warmer, and soon enough it will be the official start of spring. You may still be using your heating system on a regular basis right now, and if so we hope it’s performing as efficiently and effectively as it should. If you had maintenance done this past fall, and took care of any recommended repairs, then you likely have nothing to worry about.

If you skipped maintenance, however, or if you suspect you have repair needs but haven’t taken care of them yet, you may end up with a problem. Either before the heating season ends this year, or next fall, you could be facing a broken down heater when you need it. But how do you know if this is the case? Read on to learn some of the symptoms you should watch out for that indicate problem with your heater, and be sure to give us a call for quality repairs.

Your Home Is Drafty

Have you noticed that your living space isn’t heating up as fast as it should, or more importantly, as fast as it used to? Or maybe you’re finding cold spots in certain areas of your home. While this could be due to air escaping through drafty doors and windows—a problem that can be resolved with some weatherstripping you can find at your local hardware store—another possibility is that your heater has something wrong with it.

If not the heating system itself, it may be that your ductwork has breaches in it that is allowing conditioned air to escape. This is something you’ll want to deal with promptly, because it will affect the efficiency of your air conditioner this spring, as well.

Your Heater Is Making Strange Sounds

No matter how minor the sound may seem, if your heating system is making a noise you’ve never heard before or is alarmingly loud, you are right to be concerned! A few sounds you should listen for in particular that definitely warrant a call to our pros includes a mechanical banging, or clanging, hissing or clicking, and just general noisy operation.

Last Month’s Bill Was Higher Than It Should Have Been

A rise in heating bills over the winter months is to be expected. However, what you shouldn’t notice is a sudden spike or dramatic increase over what you paid last year. This is a sign that your heating system isn’t working as efficiently as it once did.

Your Heater Is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is the process used to describe a heating or cooling system that is rapidly turning on and off, never really completing a full cycle. The problem with this is that it wears down on the system, and it doesn’t improve your comfort as much as it should be able to.

There are a number of reasons your system might be doing this. It could be as simple as changing the air filter! This is a small maintenance task that homeowners can—and should—do on their own every 1-3 months, depending on the type of air filter and how many contaminants are in the home. If changing the air filter doesn’t do the trick, contact our team so we can inspect it and see what’s going on.

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