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Did Your Heater Give Up for Good?

technicians hands working on heaterThe heating season “officially” comes to an end in just a few days. But as we mentioned in our previous post, that doesn’t mean you should just shut off your heater for the year and forget about it—if any problems arose over the winter it’s vital that you take care of them now!

Or maybe you know your heater is on its last leg and no repair is going to help it last through another winter season, so you’re just going to wait until next year and buy a new one. But if you want truly efficient and reliable heating in Nashville, TN, we urge you to start exploring your options now. You don’t have to get an updated version of the heater you currently have—you can choose a different system.

But what if you aren’t sure if a new heater is actually what you need? It’s better to look at the signs now and determine this before next year rather than waiting for the first chilly day next winter to decide!

Are Your Operating Costs Higher Than They Should Be?

It’s important that you keep an eye on your monthly utility bills. Increased heating bills can be a sign that your system is developing some type of issue. If you find that your heater is costing significantly more from month-to-month as previous years, despite comparable use, then you should have a professional check it out right away.

That type of sudden spike in operating costs is usually due to accumulated wear and tear on the heating system that’s caused it to loose efficiency, and operate for longer to try to achieve your temperature demands. If you do notice your heater costing you more to operate on a monthly basis, it could very well be a sign you need a new one.

Are You Frequently Calling for Heating Repairs?

It’s normal to need a heating system repair every now and then. Things happen, after all—parts break, wear down, etc. Even with careful preventive maintenance you’ll likely have to deal with some type of repair need! However, if you find yourself having repairs down a few times a year, then it’s probably time to consult with a pro and consider if the system needs to be replaced.

As your heater ages, the parts within them start to wear out, and fail. The closer your heater gets to the end of its life, the more parts do begin to fail. And once it starts breaking down too often, it’s a good idea to replace it. If you’re still unsure, a good rule of thumb to go by is if your next repair is going to cost half of what a new system upgrade would, then an upgrade is probably the best way to go.

Is Your Heater Simply Old?

Let’s face it, no heating system lasts forever! Even when regularly maintained, a heating system can be expected to last about 10-15 years. Once a furnace passes this age, it will begin developing a range of problems such as those we mentioned above. The older your heater gets, the more costly it’s going to be to keep up and running.

If your furnace is older than 15, we highly recommend talking to a professional HVAC technicians about whether or not it’s worth it to replace a degrading system (chances are, it is worth it!)

At Covenant Heating and Cooling, we are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You.” To discuss your options or for help determining if you need a heater upgrade, contact us today!

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