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Is the Common HVAC Filter Enough for Air Purification?

dirty-air-filter When you hear the term “air quality” do you think about the air outside or inside? Chances are, you don’t think too much about your indoor air quality because you assume that your HVAC system’s air filter takes care of it. But this isn’t true.

Rather, it is in place to protect the HVAC systems themselves from dust, dirt, and other debris infiltrating its internal components. While it certainly doesn’t hurt your indoor air quality, it’s not enough to resolve any issues your home might have. For that, you’ll want to consider a whole-house air purification system.

“But, Do I Really Need Whole-House Air Purification?”

Everyone wants to breathe the healthiest air possible in their homes right? This could be reason enough to look into your air purification and air filtration options. Beyond that, however, there are specific signs to look for that indicates you could really benefit from one of these systems. These signs include:

  • Excessive dust on the surfaces of your home, no matter how often you clean.
  • Worsening allergy and asthma symptoms among household members.
  • Condensation on walls or windows indicating poor ventilation and high humidity.
  • Smelly air, particularly when the air conditioner is running, indicating potential mold or bacteria growth in your ductwork.

If you really want your indoor air properly assessed, the best thing you can do is call on our staff.

The Benefits of Whole-House Air Purifiers

Upon reading this, you might wonder why you can’t just purchase a couple portable air purifying systems for your house. If you have a studio apartment, this might suffice. But otherwise, any air purification system that will have a measureable impact will be one that can treat the whole home. What are the benefits of this?

Cost Efficiency

Small air purifying units can handle one or two rooms at a time. Why invest in multiple units to have throughout your home, of which you’ll have to continuously buy and replace filters for? A whole-house system will ultimately be a more cost-efficient option. Cleaner air also means you won’t have to replace your HVAC air filters as often, saving you money there as well.


A whole-house air purifier can be integrated straight into your HVAC system and/or its ductwork. This means you don’t have to take up room space with multiple smaller units, nor do you have to deal with the noise associated with multiple portable systems.

Additionally, you’ll have uniform indoor air quality throughout your home 24/7. While a whole-house air purification system won’t mitigate all problems, such as very high humidity levels, it will certainly help you breathe easier, more conveniently.

At Covenant Heating and Cooling, we are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You!” Contact us today and learn about how your Hendersonville, TN air filters are just the start of good air quality.


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