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It’s Halfway Through Summer, Do You Need AC Repair?

While other parts of the country are just turning their air conditioners on for the first time this year, that’s certainly not the case here. Now that we’re halfway through the cooling season, how would you rate your AC’s performance? Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as an “A for effort” when it comes to your AC.

If you’re disappointed in your AC’s performance or even worse, worried that it might not make it through the rest of the summer without a breakdown or interruption in service, keep reading. Let’s look at 4 tell-tale signs that you need air conditioning repair in Nashville, TN sooner rather than later.  

Having AC problems quickly checked out by a professional HVAC technician is essential for 2 reasons. Not only does it help keep a minor issue from becoming a major problem, but it’ll also guard against a complete breakdown in service.  

1. Strange Sounds 

Your AC should be fairly silent in its operation. So when it starts making a racket, you’ll notice it right away. There are many noises your AC shouldn’t make and they all usually indicate different things.  

  • Noises such as bubbling or hissing usually mean that refrigerant is leaking somewhere in the system
  • Grinding, screeching, or the sound of metal on metal can mean a lack of lubrication between moving parts.
  • Banging and clanging could be a sign that a part as small as a screw or something as large as the blower fan has come loose and is banging against other components.

2. Lukewarm Air from the Vents or Low Airflow

Sometimes the airflow from your vents is strong, but it’s lukewarm and not nearly as cold as it should be. Another common issue is when the airflow is cold, but it’s diminished and not as strong as it used to be.

Weak airflow is likely caused by the blower fan. This is the component of your AC system that’s responsible for sending cooled air through the vents and into the rooms of your home. It could also be a dirty or clogged air filter. Check your air filter and replace it if it’s dirty or hasn’t been replaced this summer and see if that fixes the problem.

3. The AC Is Short Cycling 

Short cycling is noticeable because your AC seems to be running constantly but the temperature in your home isn’t budging. Short cycling occurs when the AC turns on, runs for a short while, then shuts off again. Then keeps repeating this pattern multiple times.

The problem could be caused by a dirty or clogged air filter, low refrigerant levels, or frozen evaporator coils. Give us a call ASAP so we can address this issue.

4. Ice on the Condenser

If you notice ice growing on any part of your air conditioner, this is a pretty serious problem that warrants a call for repairs. The first thing you should do is clean or replace the air filter. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you could have a refrigerant leak. 

Covenant Heating and Cooling is your trusted resource for AC repair in Nashville, TN. We are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You!” Contact us today.

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