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Rattle, Bang, Hiss: Why Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Sound Like an Orchestra

We all have a genre of music that we prefer. Maybe your chosen type is classical or instrumental. If so, you’ll likely enjoy a good orchestra… unless the performance is coming from your air conditioning system. That level of noise and the many sounds it entails is bad news for the operation of your AC.

To put it bluntly, a noisy AC needs some help. If you start to notice any of the sounds we’ve listed coming from your system then you’ll need to contact us for professional repairs. The sooner you get these noises addressed, the better it will be for your system and your comfort in the long run.


Maybe it sounds like your air conditioning system is shaking something. This rattling noise can be an indicator of a loose part like a bolt or screw in the system. The sooner you get this sound addressed the better. It will only get worse.


Maybe you don’t recognize it as banging. Perhaps it sounds more like clanging or even knocking. This is going to be the sound that follows the rattling noise if it is left for too long.  Banging, clanging, or knocking all indicate that whatever part that was loose is now free and bouncing around inside of your system. As you have probably guessed this isn’t good for the well-being of your AC!


Have an air conditioner that is emitting a hissing noise? Or maybe you notice bubbling sounds. These are both indicators of a big problem: a refrigerant leak. Hissing is created when the leak originates in a  part of the line where the refrigerant is in a gaseous state while bubbling means the leak is in an area where it is a liquid.


Maybe it sounds like your air conditioner is humming a tune. This doesn’t mean it appreciates a good song. Instead, it may indicate a number of issues in the system ranging from an electrical issue to compressor trouble or even just a clogged air filter. It is best to get the sound addressed sooner than later, no matter the source.


Last but not least, a squealing or screeching sound from your AC is a definite cause for concern. This noise likely originates from a blower motor belt in need of lubrication or a fan blade that is scraping around in its housing. Both of these noises should be responded to with a prompt call for repairs.

How to Respond to the Cacaphony

Whether you have an AC that is noisy or one that is exhibiting other signs of a problem, the end result should be the same–you will need to contact a team of pros for your system repairs. The technicians on the Covenant Heating and Cooling team can provide the expert quality services you need to keep your AC running effectively and efficiently.

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