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The Benefits of Investing in a Solar Attic Fan

solar-panels-on-roofWhen we’re in the middle of a hot and sticky summer, there’s only so much a homeowner can do to keep their living space cool. You can make sure you keep your air conditioner tuned-up properly, that you keep your blinds and curtains closed in the middle of the day to keep the sunshine out (especially on south facing windows), and run your solar attic fan!

Wait, what’s that? You haven’t invested in a solar attic fan yet? Well not to worry, it’s never too late!

Wondering what the benefits are? Consider this: On the hottest days of summer, the sun beats down on your roof for hours, while humidity lingers both outside and in your home. Your air conditioner keeps running to try to keep you home cool enough, with its compressor running for longer and longer. Your air conditioner can actually struggle with this, causing exacerbated wear and tear and higher than average energy bills. Fortunately, a professionally installed solar attic fan can help prevent this. 

What Is a Solar Attic Fan?

Sometimes referred to as an attic ventilator or attic ventilation system, an attic fan is a very energy-efficient option to regulate the heat level of your home’s attic by pulling and exhausting heat out of it. The attic fan can be roof-mounted, or gable-mounted, and can be controlled by a thermostat that automatically signals for it to turn on depending on what the temperature is (like your air conditioner).

Attic fans operate best in attics that are professionally sealed and adequately insulated to bock out heat and moist air from humidity. This improves your HVAC efficiency and protects your roof, in addition to the structural integrity of your attic.

The solar part of it is where you really save money! By utilizing solar energy you’re using the renewable energy of the sun instead of drawing on the power grid.

Attic Fans = More Than Simple Ventilation

Even moderate summer temperatures–say, about 80°F–can increase the temperature of both your roofing and your attic to over 150°F if that attic isn’t properly insulated and you don’t have sufficient ventilation! Static vents do provide a little cooling, but not enough to make a significant difference to your comfort and AC efficiency.

When you run an attic fan during our hot summer days, the temperature in the attic can decline significantly, making your whole home cooler since heat rises and will have somewhere to go. When this happens, you can turn your air conditioner’s thermostat up, meaning it won’t have to run as long to do its job, and therefore you’ll be using your air conditioner more efficiently.

Solar Attic Fans Help Your Roof, Too!

The moisture that comes from our summer humidity can do quite the number on your attic space, causing mold and mildew development, and subsequent property damage and bacteria growth. Not only is this damaging to the structure of your home, but it is unhealthy–especially if any members of your household suffer from allergies or asthma already.

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