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How You Can Benefit from a Solar Attic Fan

Energy-efficiency-design-concept-with-clear-house-and-blue-sky-backgroundWhen you hear the term “solar,” chances are that you envision a group of solar panels covering your roof in order to power the electrical appliances and equipment in your home. You aren’t wrong. However, that type of installation is not needed for a solar attic fan, which is a small, standalone rooftop ventilation device that is powered by the sun. Similar to other attic fans, they help cool your attic in the summer, and also help in the winter by alleviating condensation issues.

One of the most important things to remember is that as with any other important electrical addition or system, you should only rely on professional electricians in Smyrna, TN for the installation and service of that system, versus trusting the job to amateurs. There are a number of benefits to doing so, including:

Improved Comfort

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using an attic fan is that it improves the ventilation in your home by moving hot and stuffy air out of your attic. In fact, a professionally installed and serviced solar attic fan can successfully lower your attic temperature by as much as 40°F, helping to keep the rooms below the attic (and the occupants of those rooms) cooler and more comfortable.

Energy Savings

When you have heat trapped in your attic with no way to escape, your air conditioner has to work that much harder to bring the temperature of your home down. In fact, it may struggle to reach the desired setting on your thermostat at all. When an air conditioner works this hard, and the compressor is constantly running, it costs you more in energy usage.

Roof Protection

Excessive heat in your attic does more than just make you feel uncomfortable—it can actually cause property damage. Namely, that buildup of heat can damage your roof shingles. This is particularly true for areas such as ours that have cold and wet winters—moisture collects throughout the months and then when temperatures warm up it can cause mold development and dry rot.

Less Noise Pollution

Many people associate fans with noise, and rightfully so. But what you should know about solar fans is that they are extremely quiet, and you shouldn’t notice them too much when they’re running.

The Importance of Professional Solar Attic Fan Installation

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you have your solar attic fan installed by a pro. Without professional services, you run the risk of this system becoming loose due to the vibrations of dialing operations, among other problems. Without professional services, you could also very well find yourself paying more for inefficient solar attic fans that continuously breakdown.

Additionally, there are typically incentives provided by your community for installing such energy efficient components. However, if your solar attic fan doesn’t function as it should, then these incentives won’t be enough to make the system cost-effective.

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