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Why Do I Keep Running Out of Hot Water?


There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of wanting a hot shower only to find that there’s nothing but cold water coming out of the showerhead. If this happens to you frequently, or there’s no hot water in your home at all, it’s quite important to reach out to a licensed technician to get more insight into what’s happening and why. For some in Brentwood, TN, water heater repair or replacement may be necessary. 

What Could Be the Problem?

There is a range of potential reasons why you do not have enough hot water. Here are a few of the most common.

Sediment buildup 

In some situations, sediment can build up in your system. Most water supplies carry natural mineral sediments with them. This can settle to the bottom of your hot water tank. Over time, this causes problems for the system to keep water hot. This is often the case when the sediment builds up on the heat exchanger, making it impossible for it to work properly. 

Thermostat problems

It’s not uncommon for your water heater’s thermostat to simply stop working properly. It may work intermittently. In other cases, it may become difficult to regulate temperature at all. Thermostat problems may occur when you have hot water sometimes, but not always. 

Broken dip tube

Another common problem occurs with the internal dip tube. This tube works to transfer cool water from the external water supply at the top of the hot water heater tank to the bottom, where it can be heated. Hot water rises to the top of the tank, where it is pumped out to your home. If that dip tube is broken, you may have water that’s just lukewarm rather than hot. 

Worn system

Sometimes the water heater is old and no longer able to work as efficiently as it should. If you have provided good maintenance on the hot water heater, it’s likely to last over 10 years. Other times, it may need replacement sooner than this. Nevertheless, most systems will need to be replaced over time just because of the normal wear and tear of the components within it. Replacing it with a new one could help to improve the overall efficiency of your home, too, especially if you choose a hot water heater that’s designed to be as highly efficient as possible.

You need too much water

A final reason why you may be running out of hot water is as simple as the tanks just not big enough to meet your needs. This can happen as your family gets older or larger or when you are trying to do too many activities at one time, such as washing dishes and trying to shower. In this situation, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger and more powerful hot water heater. Upgrading may end up helping your water heater to remain more energy efficient as well.

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