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Did Your Heater Give Up for Good?

Monday, March 19th, 2018

technicians hands working on heaterThe heating season “officially” comes to an end in just a few days. But as we mentioned in our previous post, that doesn’t mean you should just shut off your heater for the year and forget about it—if any problems arose over the winter it’s vital that you take care of them now!

Or maybe you know your heater is on its last leg and no repair is going to help it last through another winter season, so you’re just going to wait until next year and buy a new one. But if you want truly efficient and reliable heating in Nashville, TN, we urge you to start exploring your options now. You don’t have to get an updated version of the heater you currently have—you can choose a different system.

But what if you aren’t sure if a new heater is actually what you need? It’s better to look at the signs now and determine this before next year rather than waiting for the first chilly day next winter to decide!

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Beware These Common Late-Season Heater Troubles

Monday, March 5th, 2018

male technician working on radiatorTemperatures in our area are certainly still cold enough for the daily use of our heating systems. But soon enough, spring will be here and as we all know, that warmer weather can come in fast and hard, leaving us quickly switching from using our heating systems every day to using our cooling systems instead.

Therefore, if you have any Nashville, TN heating repair needs as we edge closer toward the end of winter, you may be tempted to put them off. After all, now is the time to focus on air conditioning maintenance right? Well, yes, but… that certainly doesn’t mean you should neglect heating repair needs—no matter how late in the heating season it may be!

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