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Don’t Forget AC Maintenance Before the Heat Hits


There’s no doubt that, in our climate, you want your air conditioner to be ready for summer. In particular, July’s average daily high temperature is 90 degrees. If that heat hits, and your air conditioner is unreliable or ineffective, you’ll be desperate to get it fixed. Avoid all that by scheduling AC maintenance now. 

AC Maintenance Keeps Your System Efficient

The Tennessee weather isn’t easy on air conditioners. They work hard all summer, accumulating wear and tear, and having their lubricant worn away. Then they sit for the winter, gathering dust. By the time you start your air conditioner up again, it will be about 5% less efficient than it was at the start of last summer. But maintenance can balance out all that work, clear up the dust, and get that efficiency back up.

AC Maintenance Keeps Your System Effective

When an air conditioner is struggling under the weight of all that wear and tear, overheating from dust, and coping with excess friction from unlubricated moving parts, it simply won’t be able to do as good a job. It won’t be able to create as much cold air, and it won’t be able to distribute it as evenly throughout your home. Maintenance can ensure that you’ll have the comfort you deserve this summer.

AC Maintenance Keeps Your System Under Warranty

A warranty agreement has two parties. The manufacturer agrees to cover certain costs, particularly if something goes wrong as a result of a manufacturing defect. And the purchaser also must meet certain requirements. Almost all AC warranties require that the system receive annual maintenance from a licensed technician. Don’t miss out on that coverage! 

AC Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs

After cleaning and lubricating all the components of your system, your maintenance technician will inspect everything closely. Anything that is getting worn out can be replaced before it causes a problem. Anything that has come loose from a year’s worth of vibration can be secured back into place. Every minor issue will be addressed, which means they won’t become major issues.

Thanks to all this, maintenance reduces the need for air conditioning repair by a remarkable margin! Estimates suggest that 85% of problems that would require professional attention can be avoided entirely as long as you get AC maintenance every year.

AC Maintenance Extends Your Air Conditioner’s Life

An air conditioner might only make it to six or eight years old if you aren’t diligent about having professional maintenance done. This is because all that wear and tear adds up, and it results in a great deal of strain on the compressor. This is the most central component, essentially the heart of the air conditioner, and the system won’t survive without it. With maintenance, though, your system might last twelve years or so!

Make sure your air conditioner will work when you need it, will keep your whole home evenly cool, won’t drive up your energy costs or saddle you with surprise repair bills, and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. Schedule your AC maintenance now. Reach out to us today for air conditioning maintenance or air conditioning repair in Nashville, TN.

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