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Exposed Wires? Here’s What to Do


Electrical problems are not something to ignore or postpone dealing with. The potential consequences of a serious electrical issue are simply too severe to risk. One of the problems that poses a particularly serious electrical hazard is exposed wires. Is this an issue in your home? How can you tell? What should you do?

Signs of Exposed Wires

On the cord of an appliance, you would be able to see if the coating of the wire is damaged or worn and the wire within is exposed. But what about in your home? Your electrical wiring is tucked away inside your walls. What are the indicators that you have worn or damaged wiring and need repairs?

If you or your family experience electrical shocks when using switches or outlets, or any switches or outlets feel hot to the touch, it’s a clear sign that the wiring connecting them is in bad shape. If it’s older wiring, it’s likely worn and frayed. Even very new wiring can have problems like this if it was poorly done to begin with. 

Flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and smells like hot dust, melting plastic, or even fish are other indicators of a serious electrical wiring problem. And while a specific circuit breaker tripping repeatedly may indicate an electrical issue with an appliance that’s plugged into that circuit, if it’s happening regardless of what’s plugged in or if different circuits are getting tripped, that’s probably your wiring.

Finally, if your home is quite old, has it been completely rewired? The knob-and-tube wiring that was commonly used in American construction from around 1880 through the 1930s is of particular concern. If you suspect that some of your home’s wiring could be that old, you definitely need a thorough electrical inspection.

Risks of Exposed Wires

Exposed wires can cause all kinds of mayhem in your home’s electrical system: power surges, shorts, tripped circuit breakers, damaged appliances, and more. But all that should be the least of your worries, because exposed wires pose a terrifying threat to your safety. Electrical shocks, which are potentially lethal, and electrical fires, which could destroy your entire home, are the real hazards.

What to Do About Exposed Wires

Don’t reach for the electrical tape! Unless you have extensive training, such as an apprenticeship with a master electrician, you should not attempt to work on your home’s wiring yourself. You’ll only increase the risk that something terrible will happen. 

When you know or suspect that there are exposed wires in your home, the entire system should be meticulously assessed by a qualified professional electrician. Every piece of exposed wiring needs to be located and safely repaired. With high-tech modern tools and years of training and experience, a house wiring electrician in Nashville, TN can get your problems entirely squared away.

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