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AC Showing Signs of Trouble? Don’t Neglect It Now

male-technician-repairing-air-conditioning-unitWouldn’t it be nice if you could find a place that would tell you how to avoid any problems with your air conditioner 100% indefinitely over the life of that system? We aren’t that place, in case you were wondering! But what we CAN do is help you avoid the biggest and most emergent AC repairs, by performing annual or biannual maintenance on your HVAC system.

Scheduling routine maintenance is really the best way to prevent air conditioning repair in Gallatin, TN, but what if you didn’t have it done before summer began? Since fall is just a few short days away, can you just skip it this year, and wait until next spring to address it? Well if you don’t mind risking catastrophic issues with your system next year (or, even, before this cooling season is over).

Alright, we’re not trying to scare you. But we are trying to stress the importance of tackling AC repair needs right when they crop up. So, how can you do so?

Watch Your Bills

Here’s a good factor to keep in mind—you should avoid thinking of any air conditioner problem as being “minor.” Yes, there are absolutely some problems that are true emergencies and can bring your system to a grinding halt. And yes, those problems earn a higher priority than others. But the thing about minor problems is that the longer you let them go on, the bigger chance there is of the problem growing into something more major. One of the most seemingly “minor” problems is a drop in efficiency, and this is evident through your utility bills.

If you see your energy costs have begun spiking higher than they should when you’re using your air conditioning system, be sure to let our pros know. The fact that your system is up and running doesn’t necessarily mean it’s running as best it can. True, the more you use your AC, the higher your bills will be. But if it’s not comparable to last year despite the same amount of use, or comparable to what your neighbors are paying, it’s time to have the cooling system checked for possible problems.

Listen for Odd Sounds

Does your air conditioning system sound like there’s something banging around inside of it? Or maybe it’s whining, or screeching? Perhaps it sounds relatively normal, but just louder than usual. Remember, the fact that your system is pumping out cooled air doesn’t necessarily mean it’s doing it in the best condition.

Neglecting strange noises coming from your air conditioner increases the chance that a serious problem will develop. For instance, screeching can be from metal on metal. If you let that metal grind up inside long enough, then you’ll damage components and strain the AC motors with added friction and resistance. It’s better to deal with the problem right away than to suffer through the noise, anyway.

Notice a Drop in Cooling Power

“Cool enough” simply isn’t good enough! If you find that your AC system isn’t cooling the air as effectively or efficiently as it typically does, don’t blame it on extremely hot temperatures. This is one of the most apparent signs that something is amiss, and you should definitely heed the warning. Ignoring this only threatens your comfort even more.

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