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Questionable Noises Your Air Conditioner Should Never Make


When your air conditioner runs, it isn’t completely silent. You may hear a majority of sounds when your unit turns on and off. Minimal noise is usually OK, but there are some sounds that indicate something is wrong. But how do you know the difference between good and bad sounds coming from your air conditioner? 

There are five sounds your air conditioning unit should never make. If you hear one of these sounds, it’s time to call in an expert. A certified air conditioning technician can troubleshoot the sounds to determine the cause and fix the problem. Addressing concerns early on can help to prevent additional damage to your unit. 

Air Conditioner Making Banging Sounds

If you hear a loud band, you may not know where it’s coming from at first. It’s easy to think that something in your house fell off of a shelf and hit the floor. Don’t rule out your air conditioner. Try standing near your unit to see if you can identify the sound’s location. If a banging noise seems to come from your air conditioning unit, it’s usually a sign that something came loose.

You can usually tell whether it’s a small or large part by the force of the banging. Either way, turn off your unit right away and call a professional. Allowing your unit to continue running may lead to more damage. 

Air Conditioner Making Squealing Sounds

It’s easy to miss your air conditioner squealing because it can happen gradually. Belts inside your unit become loose or wear down over time. At first, a squealing may be quiet or intermittent so that you don’t notice much difference from the normal sounds. 

But over time, squealing becomes more obvious. Even if squealing is soft or inconsistent, it’s still a problem. Have a professional replace belts before they break completely. This helps you keep your unit in the best condition and running consistently. 

Air Conditioner Humming Loudly

Some air conditioners sound like they hum as they run. A slow, gentle humming isn’t usually a problem. But you should note the sounds that your AC unit makes on an everyday basis so you can identify when something changes.

Loud humming that is disruptive can indicate a variety of problems. A professional technician can identify what’s wrong and fix it before it gets worse. Examples of air conditioner problems that cause humming include:

  • Motor issues
  • Capacitor failing
  • Electrical problems
  • Refrigerant line malfunctions

Air Conditioner Clicking or Rattling

Similar to banging, something inside your AC unit may be loose if you hear rattling. Electrical issues or a failing thermostat may lead to clicking. The sounds in this category may be soft or loud, fast or slow. All variations of clicking or rattling are concerning when they come from your AC unit. 

Air Conditioner Whistling

Whistling can start out soft and slowly begin to reach a high-pitched scream. As with all other unusual sounds, turn off your unit right away to prevent any damage. Whistling is especially dangerous because it can indicate two dangerous conditions. The first is that your air conditioner has too much pressure inside. The second is that your refrigerant is leaking.

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