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Leave Ceiling Fan Repairs to Professional Electricians


Many homes in Nashville, TN, use ceiling fans to both increase home comfort levels, boost aesthetics, and provide necessary lighting. A ceiling fan may seem like a simple system, but unlike a portable fan or a lamp, they’re more complex than they seem.

When it comes to ceiling fan repair, you should always rely on a professional electrician for their care. You don’t want to risk further damage to the ceiling fan itself or even worse–potentially injure yourself via electrocution or falling off a ladder. Leave the following ceiling fan repairs to us.

The Ceiling Fan Won’t Turn On

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your ceiling fan won’t turn on or the light has gone out and replacing the bulb doesn’t fix it. The first thing you should check is to make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t gone out. Reset it and see if that fixes it.

If not, there’s probably an electrical or mechanical problem causing this issue. Rely on us to diagnose the problem and provide a speedy repair that’ll restore your ceiling fan’s ability to cool down your home or provide light where it’s needed.

The Ceiling Fan Wobbles

A wobbly ceiling fan is a common issue that happens sooner or later. It’s more common when its installation was a DIY job or if it was installed by an amateur who either rushed the job or missed an important step. 

Ceiling fans can wobble over the course of time due to normal wear and tear. Sometimes the screws that attach it are coming loose. Whatever the cause for your ceiling fan’s abnormal motion, it’s something you want a professional to fix for you ASAP. You don’t want the whole thing falling out of the ceiling and injuring someone in your home. 

The Ceiling Fan Light Flickers

Many ceiling fans have the added bonus of providing light to the room it’s installed in. But a flickering ceiling light is downright annoying. If just this one light is flickering in your home. try tightening the light bulb or replacing it if that doesn’t work. 

If that doesn’t remedy the problem, this could be a sign of a wiring problem in the fan itself or where it attaches to the rest of the electrical system. If multiple lights in your home are dimming or flickering, it could be an issue with your home’s wiring. These problems should only be handled by a professional electrician. 

The Ceiling Fan Is Making Weird Noises

Another annoying problem is when your ceiling fan fails to operate quietly. Sudden and unexpected noises are a surefire sign that something is amiss. Common noises you may hear include buzzing, grinding, or clicking noises. The cause could be an electrical fault with the fan or a motor that’s beginning to wear down. With so many potential causes, you’ll want a professional from our team to pinpoint the cause and remedy it for you.

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