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Protect Your Home with This Electrical Upgrade


Also referred to as the circuit breaker panel of your home, the electrical panel is designed to take in so much voltage, and assign it to the various electrical components and wires throughout your living space.

If you have a circuit breaker panel that is aging, or even worse if you have a fuse box, then you are not supplying power to your home as safety as you could be, and you are likely due for an electrical panel upgrade. Most electrical panels last anywhere from 25-40 years before needing replacing, but this largely depends too on how much the electrical demand has grown in your household in that time, and if you’ve ever experienced problems with your current electrical panel.

Keep reading as we uncover some signs that it is, indeed, time for you to upgrade your electrical panel.

You Still Have a Fuse Box

It’s rare to not have at least upgraded from a fuse box to an electrical panel in the last couple of decades. However, if your home was built prior to 1960 and never had upgrades, it is possible. A fuse box works a bit differently from an electrical panel–instead of a circuit breaker tripping when there is an overload of voltage, one of the fuses burns out to stop the flow of electricity.

The problem is, this isn’t necessarily safe, particularly with the advanced technology and electronics we are all plugging into our homes these days. If your home does still have a fuse box, it’s absolutely time to upgrade to a modern electrical panel.

Your Home Is Old

Even if you are already equipped with an electrical panel in your home, it’s important to consider how long it’s been there. Is your home over 30 years old? While any worn-down electrical appliance can become dangerous, it’s not only your safety we’re concerned with. It’s also your home’s electrical capacity overall.

Circuit breaker panels that are more than a few decades old are capable of handing about 60-100 amps, while newer electrical panels can handle up to 200. This is much more suited to the rise in electrical demand in most households due to charging stations, computers, and an increased number of electronics.

The good news is, it’s relatively easy to check and see the level of amps your panel can manage, though you may want to give us a call to see how many amps your current electrical components are requiring.

Your Circuit Breakers Are Constantly Tripping

There’s a good chance you’d rather not make regular visits to your electrical panel each week just to reset tripped breakers. If this is occurring with just a single circuit, it’s probably an issue with whatever appliance is hooked up to it, or wiring problems. You will need electrical repairs if this is the case. However, if different circuits are tripping, it’s probable that the panel itself is worn down or just can’t meet the electrical demands of your living space anymore, and needs an upgrade.

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