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Should I Be Concerned About Frequent Power Surges?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “whole house” a lot recently. There are whole house generators that’ll keep your home powered on in the event of a power outage. There are whole house fans that’ll help cool your entire house down. And there are whole house humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can help your home strike the perfect balance on the humidity scale.

If you haven’t heard about whole house surge protection in Nashville, TN, well then you haven’t heard about one of the most cost-effective whole house options that’ll save a lot of wear and tear on every electrical item in your home. We’re not just talking about your major appliances, but things like your computers, televisions, and smartphones. 

Homeowners don’t always realize that power surges happen in your electrical system multiple times throughout the day. That’s why you need whole house surge protection. Let’s go over what kinds of issues these minute power surges can cause and how you can protect your home from them. 

Minor, Frequent, Internal Power Surges

Don’t let “minor” fool you into thinking that these types of surges are nothing to be concerned about. Something that is minor can become a problem when it’s a frequent occurrence. That’s exactly what these types of power surges are. 

These happen multiple times a day throughout your home’s electrical system and they’re so minor, you don’t notice them. In fact, it’s been estimated that surges generated from devices within a home can occur up to 100 times per month! All these mini power surges take their toll on anything plugged into your outlets, leading to the early demise of your home’s expensive electronic items.

You may notice signs of these surges when the lights in your home flicker or when it trips a circuit breaker. Power surges can occur from the electronics that you use every day. For example, your cooling system could create a voltage spike that blows out another appliance in the home, or it can destroy a circuit board, or another important electrical component.

Major, External Power Surges

This is the kind of power surge most people are familiar with. These occur when something major happens such as lightning strikes, major storms, or disruptions to the power grid. As far as the potential for catastrophic damage goes, you’re far more likely to have it as a result of an external surge than an internal one. The issue with this type of power surge is that it’s completely unpredictable. The only thing that can guard effectively and efficiently guard against them is whole house surge protection. 

How do whole house surge protection help?

Whole house surge protection system are installed directly into your home’s electrical panel where the electricity from the grid enters your home and divides it into individual circuits. A whole house surge protector on the panel will send excess voltage down into the ground rather than into the electrical system. This prevents spikes and surges in voltage from reaching the rest of the appliances and electrical equipment in your home. It can also handle extreme surges from lighting storms or power plant issues.

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