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Give Yourself the Gift of Heater Repairs This Holiday Season!

heater-jetsWhen you compare our climate to that of other parts of the country, you can’t really call our winters “harsh.” But just because we don’t have bone-chillingly cold winters—and even that is debatable, depending on who you ask—doesn’t mean our winters aren’t cold enough to need a fully functional and efficiently operating heater on our side. Could you imagine on the coldest evening, going to turn on your heater to discover it doesn’t work?

We would like to help you avoid that altogether! Of course, the best way to avoid it is with routine maintenance. Maintenance allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your heater’s components while also alerting you to repair needs. Even with maintenance though, it’s important to note that at some point you will need repairs. Taking care of them as soon as possible is the best gift you can give yourself over the holiday season. But how do you know if you need them? Read on for some tell-tale signs.

Your Heater is “So Noisy!”

Do you hear concerning sounds you’ve never heard before coming from your furnace or heat pump? If so, you need a professional technician to check in out. Any noise that’s outside of the normal whoosh of air or gentle fluctuation of the ductwork is important to pay attention to. Give us a call if you hear intense rattling, screeching, squealing, banging, or excessive clicking.

Your Heater is Short-Cycling

Short-cycling describes the process where your heater turns on and off rapidly, never actually completing a full heating cycle. This can actually happen with an air conditioner as well—where it never completes a full cooling cycle. It’s a sign of something electrical going amiss within your system and it requires immediate attention. Short-cycling is unfortunately both the symptom of a problem and the cause of further problems.

You Notice Excessive Dust Buildup in your Home

Have you discovered that your home is a lot dustier than usual? This is actually an issue with your heating system. We really want to stress this problem since it’s one that homeowners often brush off, or don’t even realize is a problem that could stem from their heater.

When you see excessive amounts of dust in your home, it’s sometimes because it’s constantly getting circulated in the ventilation system. You need an HVAC pro from our team to assess your ductwork and determine if you need any additional sealing or repair services to avoid this problem in the future.

Your Heater Isn’t Heating Enough

A lack of heat coming from your furnace or heat pump isn’t exactly subtle. But oftentimes homeowners write this off—when it’s really cold outside it can be easy to assume that the heater is just struggling to keep up with the cold temperatures. But this should never be the case—the heating elements should always be able to adequately heat up.

There may be a couple of problems at play here. First, if you have a heat pump it could be that it got stuck in cooling or “fan-only” mode somehow. It may also be that your ductwork is damage and that heated air is escaping into some unused portion of your home like the attic or crawlspace. Whatever the case, our team can handle it! You just need to give us a call.

Covenant Heating and Cooling is your trusted resource for quality heater repair in Nashville, TN. Contact us today—we are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You!” 

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