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Have You Scheduled Heating Maintenance Yet?

service professional working on the inside of a heating systemWe’re officially in the throes of fall, and soon enough we’ll be graced with chillier temperatures. As a result, there are a few rather important Nashville, TN HVAC services to get on your schedule. One of these is your annual (or biannual, if you have a heat pump) heating maintenance appointment.

There are some basic maintenance jobs you can do on your own when it comes to your heating system. For instance, you should be changing your clogged or dirty air filter every 1-3 months. However, full maintenance that actually makes a difference in the performance and functionality of your heating system requires the services of a professionally trained heating technician.

More about Heating Maintenance

As we mentioned above, only a trained heating professional should be trusted to manage the numerous tasks that come with heating maintenance. This includes jobs such as inspecting the motors and electrical components of the system, and cleaning coils and any moving parts. You can count on our professional staff to provide your heating system with top quality maintenance each year—or like we said previously, twice a year if you have a heat pump.

Can I Ever Skip Regular Heating Maintenance?

This is one of the most common questions we get, and our answer is always going to be “no.” Maintenance isn’t simply a luxury for HVAC systems. Skipping this service even once makes it far more likely that you’ll experience cumulative problems throughout the years. There are a number of benefits to staying on top of your routine maintenance sessions.

You Can Rely On Your Heater More: This is probably the biggest benefit of routine heating system maintenance, since the system is a lot less likely to suffer from a major operational problem over the winter, as long as you keep up on tune-ups. During maintenance, our technicians fully inspect your system to locate places that wear and tear could lead to premature breakdowns.

It’s also during this service that our staff will make any necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs. When your heater is well-maintained, you can feel confident about moving into winter without needed to make any emergency calls when you have a sudden heater breakdown.

Increased Energy Efficiency: The accumulation of wear and tear on your heating system creates strain on the components. Over the years, this causes higher energy bills as your heater tries to overcome the stress. If you invest in routine maintenance, however, your heater should be able to retain 95% of its efficiency rating throughout its entire service life.

Your Heater Will Last Longer: In regards to your heater’s service life—depending on the model and how well cared for your heater is, most should last a decade or maybe even two. But without professional maintenance, this will not be the case. Regular inspections and checkups help you heater give you the most for your money, including an optimal ROI. Plus, you’ll have fewer detrimental repair needs, which will help your heating system last longer by default.

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