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Have You Considered a Heat Pump Installation?

white question mark on blue backgroundSpring is almost here! That means it’s almost time to turn on your air conditioner and you don’t have to worry about a failing furnace, right?

Wait, hang on.

If your aging furnace is showing signs that it may fail soon, the last thing you want to do is wait on replacing it. After all, do you really want to get to next fall without investing in a new system only to find out on the first day you need it, it’s not working at all? Aside from the inconvenience of not having a functioning heater on the first day you need it, it will also be a mad scramble to try to get a technician who’s not busy to come in and repair or replace the system.

And what if you also have a struggling air conditioner? Are you really willing to let both your HVAC systems suffer for another year?

Consider Installing a Heat Pump

The solution to this may very well be the installation of a heat pump system! A heat pump is basically set up like a standard central air conditioner, with a couple of exceptions. It’s similar in the sense that it is comprised of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. In cooling mode, the inside unit absorbs heat from your home through a refrigerant process, expelling the heat outdoors and bringing cool air into your home.

Unlike a standard air conditioner, however, a heat pump comes with the ability to change the direction of the refrigerant flow. This means that a heat pump can act as an air conditioner or a heating system, which is the main reason many homeowners have one of these systems installed.

The Heat Pump Advantage

There are a number of benefits to a heat pump installation, with perhaps the biggest one being that you’re able to rely on one single HVAC system for climate control and home comfort throughout the entire year—this saves you both space and money. There are a number of other reasons, though, that homeowners are choosing to have heat pumps installed. Heat pumps are also more energy efficient than the majority of heating systems, since they do not combust fuel to generate heat but rather they move heat.

What this means is that you aren’t spending additional money you shouldn’t have to spend on high gas bills. In fact, just within a few years of heat pump installation, the system typically pays for itself by how much homeowners save on energy bills.

There is a major convenience factor with heat pumps, too. When you use a more traditional two-system configuration, meaning a central air conditioner and separate furnace, you spend twice as much money keeping both of these systems in top shape. When you have a heat pump installed, you only need to worry about keeping that one system in great condition. Biannual maintenance is still necessary, of course, but with fewer components to be concerned with, you’ll save time and money.

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