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It’s That Time of Year: Schedule Your AC Tune-Up!

analog-wall-clock-on-white-backgroundIf that heatwave last week was any indication, springtime is here to remind us that soon enough, we will need our air conditioners on a daily basis. Is your cooling system ready for a full season of work though?

One of the most important things you can do to ensure this is to schedule an AC tune-up, otherwise known as air conditioning maintenance. Delaying or skipping this service altogether will make it much more likely that you’ll be facing problems by the end of summer, or even before then. Read on as we uncover the biggest benefits of regular AC tune-ups.

Cooling System Problems Can be Hard to Spot

We don’t expect the average homeowner to be able to spot problems with their air conditioner easily. In fact, most AC system malfunctions don’t even give off early warnings. If there is a problem with your cooling system that’s giving off obvious symptoms, then the problem has likely been around long enough for it to start doing considerable damage.

Waiting for warning signs to present themselves is not the right approach. Instead, we advise that you schedule maintenance in order to be proactive about any AC system problems you might face!

Preventive tune-ups give our professionals the chance to inspect your system closely, isolating issues, and resolving them either by making adjustments or alerting you to repair needs so you can get them on your schedule. Being consistent with scheduling your tune-ups increases your system’s efficiency, reduces the chance of it developing problems in the future, and extends the overall lifespan of the system.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Schedule Maintenance

We usually recommend right now, springtime, for your AC maintenance, since this will put the system in its best health possible right before you need it on an hour by hour basis. During your service, we will be able to alert you to repair needs and you can take care of them while temperatures are relatively cool.

That said, just because spring is the best time to have your AC tune-up done, it doesn’t mean you should skip it if you miss that seasonal window.

It’s better to have maintenance done at a later date than to not have it done at all. In fact, this is particularly true if you utilize a heat pump or ductless system, as these are 2-in-1 systems used for both heating and cooling. Since they go through so much work throughout the year, it’s vital that they receive a tune-up twice a year (every 6 months). Unless your air conditioner has completely broken down and is beyond repair, it’s never too late to schedule a tune-up, it’s just that spring is the most ideal time.

If it’s been longer than 6 months since your last heat pump tune-up or longer than a year since your last central air conditioner tune-up, then now is the perfect time to give us a call.

For a reliable HVAC contractor in Nashville, TN, contact Covenant Heating and Cooling today. We are “Dedicated to the Promise of Serving You”!

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