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Need Electrical Service? Only Trust a Trained Pro

Monday, August 20th, 2018

American electrical outlet and cover plate, with screwdriver and wire nutsWhen it comes to having electrical work done in your home, you probably know already that there are safety risks involved. But still, it seems more convenient and less costly to try to complete electrical installations and wiring jobs on your own, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, in most cases, you’ll be sacrificing your time and effort in doing so, as well as potentially your safety.

Professional installation is a good way to ensure that the installation job is done correctly, and that the risk of emergency repair needs down the road (not to mention the risk of electrocution or fire) is reduced. That all being said, instead of telling you that you should only trust a professional Nashville TN electrician, we’d like to share with you what can go wrong if you don’t.

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AC Installation: Is Bigger Better?

Monday, August 6th, 2018

top-view-of-an-outside-ac-unitOne of the most common misconceptions we encounter in the HVAC world from our customers is that “the bigger the air conditioner you get for your home, the better.” This actually isn’t true at all, and it leads homeowners to getting an AC system that costs too much and doesn’t do an efficient job of cooling the home.

This is one of the various reasons you need to hire pros like us to handle your AC installation in Nashville, TN. We’ll ensure you get an installation that is correctly matched to your home, to provide the cooling that your home needs for true comfort in our blazing hot summers. Without the right tonnage, you can’t count on your air conditioner functioning as it should.

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